If you found out that your business has grown from purchasing single­ piece of equipment to requiring more and more computing power, then TransData is pleased to offer you an exclusive opportunity to solve this problem – rental of a rack (or half of a rack) with the physical and/or virtual servers. If you purchase equipment by wholesale, you save a lot per each unit, which guarantees you further beneficial improvement of computer systems – and, as a result, successful expansion of your influence and opportunities in the marketplace.

High uptime of our servers, e.g. long time of continuous operation of a computer system from the start till shutdown time, proves stability of our hardware to software failures, loading errors, applications closedowns. It’s easier, cheaper and quicker to rent free pre­installed services in the datacenter, than order similar configuration through rates calculator, so you can set up fault­ tolerant IT infrastructure for remote office concept right now. In fact, you can be located anywhere – secure virtual office abroad allows you developing your business from anywhere in the world anytime.

TransData can provide you such additional services at extra charge as system backup, allocation of additional server space, etc. Our company guarantees you constant monitoring, status checking and timely help in case of unplanned failure of your IT systems.