Are you satisfied with your existing Internet provider, happy with quality of your connectivity, bandwidth and prices?

Talk to us, we will give you more for less 😉

Transdata delivers IP Transit, Internet access and datacenter services both in Norway and abroad – often with significantly better quality, reliability, bandwidth and prices. We focus on delivery of top quality Internet access, reliable IP Transit and very fast IT Support when needed.

For instance, we can provide connection from Oslo to London with the latency of less than 16ms (which is the most important in transmitting large files, supporting fail­safe audio and video communication, smooth work with the Remote Desktop and VDI) or connect communication channels in Norway, Sweden or United Kingdom at the speed from 100 Mbit/sec to 100 Gbit/sec.

Take advantage of using our services to connect your equipment at high speeds for the development of your business, and save the costs!